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Grounded in systems – I navigate, inspire, and drive unconventional thinking across multi-disciplinary teams.

I lead verbal and visual brand development, direct photo and video shoots, define user experiences, design and direct campaigns, and empower creatives. I co-captain intricate proposals, influence creative team resourcing & program timelines, and build protocol and process development. I contribute to internal business strategy and manage-up with empathy and respect to drive long-term business goals to reality.

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You’ll be presented with opportunities to excel. Opportunities to struggle. Opportunities to be significant. Opportunities to be humbled. Opportunities to cry hard, to be foolish, and to love. Take them.

Selected Clients + 

- Portland Trailblazers

- Douglas Elliman

- 3M


- Oregon Symphony

- Super Bowl XLI

- Umpqua Bank

- Dos Caras Spirits

- Tamarisk Country Club

- The Autism Society

• Adobe Illustrator Grand Summit
*1/15 Designers Selected Worldwide

• Adobe UX/UI Digital Leaders Summit

• Inequality by Design (Published)

• 4-Year Collegiate Athlete 
• Volunteer

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