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Oregon Symphony

Brahms. Stravinsky. Beethoven. With everything that has changed since the first classical composers walked the earth, how does the music survive? Why do these artists still move us, change us, wow us? The Oregon Symphony hired us to find out and then inspire people to buy-in.

We involved local stars like Katie Poppe (founder of Little Big Burger and Blue Star Donuts) and Dennis Dixon (two-time Super Bowl Champion) to showcase the everyday power of classical music in iconic and enlivening ways.



Campaign, Photography + Video

Art Director




Watson Creative

To strengthen the Oregon Symphony’s cultural currency, we involved homegrown influencers to showcase the everyday power of classic music in iconic and

enlivening ways. The strategy? Influencers spark interest. Interest builds momentum. Momentum sells tickets.

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The Symphony is My Source

True influence transcends taste and time. 

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