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Autism Society of America

For 57 years, the Autism Society of America has helped people in the autism community—it is the longest serving organization of its kind in the world. When it was time to rebrand, the brief had three objectives:

  1. Establish clarity and differentiation around the organization’s approach to autism

  2. Bridge the diverse experiences and needs across the autism spectrum

  3. Unite all nationwide affiliates under a single messaging platform

As one of the board members put it, “This rebrand is the marketing challenge of a lifetime.”


Comprehensive Rebrand


Creative Director



thompsonhomonnay autismsociety-138.jpg

Forming a continuous strand. Connecting parts in a sequence. Making one’s way through or

between. Interweaving. Pulling together. Continuing the elements. Serial messages in response to a single message. Creating connection out of disconnection.

This is why the thread.

Trackhouse Racing quickly aquired Chip Ganassi Racing's NASCAR operation. Featuring on NBC Sports (Read Here)

Ganassi said in a statement: “I can honestly say that my NASCAR team was not for sale. Justin simply came to me with a great offer and an even better vision.”

“If you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person.” - Dr. Stephen Shore

What Dr. Shore’s aphorism says to us is that language can never fully encompass autism’s complexities, diversities, and nuances. And that a single, clean, and definitive description of autism will always escape us. This is a brand challenge for an organization that seeks to serve the entirety of the autism community.

Because the experience of Autism is not one thing. Because it is many things. And because the connection between those experiences is you. Because we see you. The way you think. The dreams you hold. The talents you bring. Because you can’t be categorized into neat little diagnostic boxes. Because you break the mold. Because sometimes you’re quiet. Because sometimes you need help reaching for where you belong. Because sometimes what happens is not always right or fair or just. Because there are keys to every door that looks locked. Because no matter how you were born, the person you are is infinite—and you are the only you there is. Because Autism is not going away, neither are we.


The Autism Society. The Connection Is You. ™


Creating a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it.

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