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Oregon Wine

Character in the people who make it. Character in the people who drink it. Discover True Character, Oregon Wine. 

We led Oregon Wine — the governing body that represents 900+ wineries, 1,200+ vineyards, and helps generate $5.6 billion in statewide review — through a crafted the brand position, verbal design, visual design, brand launch and Oregon Wine Month Campaign. 


Verbal and Visual identity & Launch


Creative Director & Design




Oregon wine is sourced from the power and the purpose of this place.

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Trackhouse Racing quickly aquired Chip Ganassi Racing's NASCAR operation. Featuring on NBC Sports (Read Here)

Ganassi said in a statement: “I can honestly say that my NASCAR team was not for sale. Justin simply came to me with a great offer and an even better vision.”

"As a small resource constrained agency we need a final product that is flexible enough, yet distinct enough, to be useable internally without losing personality. We hire creative professionals for a few key program executions but much of the day to day brand building will be executed in house. Our final toolkit needs to not just be manageable, but ideal in that environment."

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There are the stories of Oregon you know. That picture in your head when you hear the word “Pacific” and think not sun but rain, Doug firs dripping in dappled light—steamy cafes, fly fishing for salmon, and piney IPAs.

Then there are the stories of Oregon that you don’t know yet. The ones you discover in the vast expanse of Oregon’s wine country. A place of astonishing range, from coastal mountains to rolling foothills and river gorges to high deserts. A place that wears its wild, audacious heart on its sleeve. A place that once you’re here, there’s no going back without part of its wonder alive inside you.
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A place that wears it's wild, audacious heart on it's sleeve. 

Oregon, USA

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